In search of a Runeforge
What's in the box?
Recovering the Box of Gexalton
Catching up with Callem
Defense of Imldar
A Difficult Decision

33 Strafen, 443 AR
Recognizing the danger, the party sprung into action, destroying one group of goblins. They were quickly approached by another, this time led by a hobgoblin. The PCs made quick work of this group as well. They found a mysterious note, written in the goblin tongue, amongst the hobgoblin’s possessions.

The party found themselves toward the north side of Imldar. To the East, they saw The Company of the Broken Mug about to be surrounded by a goblin horde. To the West, they saw a number of citizens, including Kendal Whitethorn, Kiala Treelane, Icgar Tenson, and Samuel Farpass as well as many other women and children, about to be run down by a group of worg-riding goblins.

The group hesitated for only a moment, and trusting in the hardy adventurers to be able to take care of themselves, moved to head off the worgs. In a pitched battle, the PCs, with the aid of Icgar, Kendal and Samuel, were victorious. Kiala and Ertol Tenson were badly wounded and two other citizens died, but the loses could have been much worse.

The PCs escorted the group toward the Imperial Garrison. Outside the gate Draygen Virmar and several imperial soldiers were holding off more hobgoblins. The PCs rushed to aid the defense. Thom cast a spell and experienced pain in his arm. The spell seemed to do more damage than usual. The hobgoblins were slain and driven off, and the party saw a large hobgoblin, bare-headed with an eye patch over his left eye ordering the retreat.

The group accompanied Lt. Virmar on a patrol of the town, to clean up the last of the goblins. They encountered Enel Falhoff carrying the broken body of Niko Acorntop and Tarn Bufflekill carrying Fiola Nightwing. The clerics were able to heal Niko, but Fiola was gone. Just as quickly as Hathor had found out about his mother, she was taken away.

Aden translated the note the party had found. It said “The Lady commands we strike tonight! All glory to the Lady!” No one was quite sure who “The Lady” was. The party rested and made preparations to continue to Lemosing

Return to Imldar
Secrets Revealed

28 Strafen, 443 AR

After a brief stop back in Aberconn, the group set out on the trail Callem Dirmar. In Tor’s Outpost, they came upon two ogres fighting a few guardsman. One defender was struck down as the party entered the fray. With the help of Thom, Nor, and Hathor the ogres were defeated. Parr was very grateful for the help, and offered to let the party stay at The Burning Frog Inn for free. The party accepted the offer.

29 Strafen, 443 AR

After a restful night, the party prepared to continue the western trek. Before departing, Hathor gave a small amount of gold to be given to the family of the guard that fell in the previous day’s battle. The party left, with the next stop being Imldar.

32 Strafen, 443 AR

The party arrived back in Imldar. When Thom returned to Cogturn‘s shop to give him the payment, he found that the lab had exploded and was being rebuilt. Later that evening, Fiola Nightwing found Hathor and asked to speak with him. She revealed that she was Hathor’s mother, and she told him that his father was an orc warchief named Garthung that had imprisoned here during a mission to Denthor’s Keep, near Culing. She had left Hathor in the care of Kendal Whitethorn at the temple of Soerbor shortly after he was born, because she could not keep a child with her, due to her lifestyle. About five years ago, she returned to Imldar, along with The Company of the Broken Mug, to keep an eye on Hathor.

33 Strafen, 443 AR

During the night, everyone was awakened by a commotion outside. The party members gathered their gear and met in the town square. It appeared as though part of the town was on fire, and there were goblins in the streets. Imldar was under attack.

Journey to Aberconn
Beware of Caravanbush

21 Strafen, 443 AR
Being ready to move on from Imldar, Norfire responded to Carden’s call for guards. Always eager to learn from his mentor, Hathor also signed up. Thom was tasked by Cogturn to take a package to the Dirmar Estate near Aberconn, so he joined as well. The group began the journey east.

23 Strafen, 443 AR
On the second day of travel, the wagon was attacked by a group of brigands. The attack began with two archers to the south. Nor and Hathor sprang into action and quickly dispatched them. While, this was going on, four more brigands emerged from the treeline and began searching the wagon. It appeared that they were looking for something specific. Thom tried to fight them off, but a thrown dagger was ineffectual. The group was able to defeat two of the brigands and drive off the remainder.

25 Strafen, 443 AR
The group reached the small community of Tor’s Outpost on the evening of the fourth day. They stayed the night at The Burning Frog Inn.

26 Strafen, 443 AR
On the fifth day out of Imldar the group arrived at Aberconn. They escorted Carden and his wagon to his warehouse in the docks district. Carden paid the agreed upon sums and offered the promise of future work.

As the adventurers headed out of town, they heard a commotion from a nearby shop. A young man emerged pleading for help. The man’s name was Prufrock an employee of Marina’s Magic Emporium. It turns out that several small animals, potential familiars, had gotten loose. With some clever thinking and quick reflexes, Nor, Hathor and Thom, assisted Prufrock in recapturing the animals.

After this, the trio passed by a pair of clerics dedicated to Blade. They made some disparaging remarks about Soerbor. Hathor held his anger and let the comment pass. The clerics moved on without further incident.

As the group moved through a crowded market, Nor noticed that a halfling was making off with Thom’s money pouch. They chased him to the sewers. The halfling eluded them at first and seemed to have vanished. As they searched for him, a carrion crawler emerged from the muck and attacked with it’s paralyzing tentacles. The crawler was quickly brought near death, but then it succeeded in paralyzing Nor. Thom found the secret passage the halfling had taken and advocated retreat, but stayed with his friends. Hathor was also paralyzed by the crawler. Thom stepped up and was able to finish the beast with a burning hands spell.

The secret passage led to a staircase down into a small room. The halfling was there and offered to return the money. Hathor said that the halfling must accompany them to the authorities, but the little rogue would have none of it. Thom bestowed a touch of fatigue on the halfling, and Nor made short work of him with his greatsword. The room had a small chest, which Hathor smashed open to find some gold. This gold was minted in the distant Thembarian Empire.

A locked door, dispatched by a mighty boot from Nor, led to a larger room full of various mercantile goods. The crates had crests from many different merchants, including Carden and House Khardon. A natural cavern led down and towards the bay. Following this, the group came upon a cavern that had an opening into the waters of the bay. Inside, three men were loading goods into a crate. The leader, a wizard, heard someone approaching and asked if it was Selhoff. Nor attempted to imitate the halfling in response. The wizard saw through this ruse and ordered the other two men, Trevis and Travor to attack. As the two moved towards the adventurers, they took on the form of humanoid rats. A skirmish ensued with Nor falling victim to a hideous laughter spell from the wizard. Tbe wererats resistance to damage proved difficult to overcome. Thom was disabled and withdrew from combat. Nor was knocked unconscious and revived by Hathor. Trevis was slain and Travor was very badly hurt. The wizard drank a potion and escaped into the water. Nor dealt Travor a final blow.

The group reported the smuggler’s activities to the authorities and planned to head to the Dirmar Estate the next day.

Entweiss Festival
The game begins

19 Strafen, 443 AR
Imldar celebrated the Entweiss festival commemorating the defeat of the cultists some 20 years ago.

In the axe throwing competition, Hathor the cleric took one throw and struck the bulls-eye. Thom the Wizard attempted to match the feat, but, being a wizard, nearly embedded the axe in his own feet. Renel Redal, the leader of the lumberjacks, stepped up, believing that he could easily have a better throw than Hathor, but it was not to be, and Hathor’s throw was the best of the competition winning him 20 gold pieces.

Next was a fire building competition. Several townspeople participated and were struggle to start a fire, when Keldan Enzule the ranger strode forth from the crowd. He bent down and nearly instantly had a fire started, gaining him victory.

The next competition was an obstacle course, consisting of climbing, balancing, jumping, and lifting. Norfire Wyvernjack of the town guard started off with an impressive run, including a massive leap and quick scurry through the net-tunnel. Hathor was not able to match the run, being struck by a swinging beam. Norfire was still in first place, when the final contestant, Niko Acorntop started his run. He faltered in the jumping section, just barely making it across. He made up time throughout the rest of the course, however, in the end, it wasn’t enough. Niko just barely failed to meet Norfire’s time. Norfire was awarded the 20 gold piece prize.

The final competition of the day was to collect the finest specimen of the Entweiss plant from the nearby forest. Hathor, Norfire and Thom were assigned to same group. The ventured far from town and found a crop of Entweiss. Just then, Norfire spotted a goblin in a nearby tree. Additional goblins appeared from behind other trees, and a skirmish ensued. The Imldarans were victorious. They gathered Entweiss specimens and returned to town.

Conor Treelane, Aden, and Cogturn were judging the plants competitors brought back. Thom’s plant was judged the best retrieve thus far. Just then, the final group, consisting of Icgar Tenson and his cronies returned. Icgar’s plant was judged better than Thom’s and Icgar was declared the winner. He would be crowned King of the Festival and would get to dance with the mayor’s daughter Kiala.

At nightfall, there was a solemn ceremony honoring the townsfolk that had died during the attack.

Afterward there was a feast. Icgar was crowned King of the Festival. After receiving his crown, Icgar turned, arms raised, to the crowd to receive their praise. Thom took this moment to use a cantrip, causing Icgar’s pants to fall about his ankles. Icgar grew upset and stormed away in a huff.

During the feast, Tarn Bufflekill, growing very loud and drunk declared he could drink anyone under the table. Norfire could not let this challenge go unmet, and so he entered into a contest with the barbarian. Both men went many rounds deep, but in the end Tarn stood victorious. He slapped Nor on the back, and congratulated him on doing so well. The feast continued into the night.

20 Strafen, 443 AR

A merchant, Carden, came barreling into town from the west. He had been attacked by brigands and barely made it to town. The Company of the Broken Mug (Tarn, Niko, Fiola Nightwing and Enel Falhoff) sprang into action and headed west to confront the brigands. Carden put out word that he would be hiring guards to escort him east to Aberconn.


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