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  • Tarn Bufflekill

    Tarn is a human barbarian that resides in [[Imldar]]. He is part of [[The Company of the Broken Mug]]. He is jovial and boisterous and loves ales of all sorts.

  • Fiola Nightwing

    Fiola Nightwing is a human cleric of [[Averleen]] that resides in [[Imldar]]. She is part of [[The Company of the Broken Mug]]. She is quiet and reserved.

  • Keldan Enzule

    Keladn Enzule is a human ranger that protects the [[Hundel Woods]] near [[Imldar]]. He also watches over and protects the lumberjacks from the dangers of the forest. He is a stern and serious man

  • Trevel Dangar

    Trevel Dangar was a human fighter. He was a member of [[The Company of the Broken Mug]]. He died during an adventure in the year 427 AR.

  • Bren Wylar

    Bren Wylar is a human fighter. He currently holds the rank of Captain and is the head of the garrison of the [[Erevon Empire]] in [[Imldar]]. Bren has lived in Imldar for 20 years, having been part of the initial contingent of soldiers brought to Imldar …

  • Norfire Wyvernjack

    Norfire Wyvernjack was born and raised in Imldar at the age of 15 he joined the city guard and married Krishanna Fletcher. Shortly there after they had a daughter named Eilora. Both Krishanna and Eilora were killed in the attack on the town. For a while …