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  • Imldar

    Imldar is a small town straddling the banks of the [[Kur]] river. The majority of the town lies along the northern bank, which is along the trade road between [[Lemosing]] to the west and [[Aberconn]] to the east. The northern side of town has most of the …

  • Soarmon

    Long ago, the wizard Soarmon summoned [[Klenace]], the god of magic, to the location upon which the city of Soarmon would one day be founded. Klenace was only bound to the material plane for a few moments, but it was enough to imbue the land with …

  • Virping

    Capital of the [[Erevon Empire]]. One of the [[Seven Cities]].

  • Jolac-Dar

    Ancient capital of the Orc Nation. Buried beneath [[The Great Desert]] in 5862 BR.

  • Thembar

    Capital of the [[Thembarian Empire]]. Thembar is a series of heavily fortified buildings. The citizens have a distinct militaristic bent. The [[Brothers of Thembar]] are headquartered here.

  • Aberconn

    Aberconn is a small, independent city in the Northeast. It is a port city on the banks of the [[Bay of Conn]]. *Notable Locations* * [[Carden]]'s warehouse * [[Marina's Magical Emporium]]