Erevon Empire

The Erevon Empire covers a large part of Aa-Yar, it stretches from the central area all the way to the eastern coast.

The capital of the Empire is Virping. Rallis III is the current Emperor.

213 BR – The empire is founded. Oswar I leads the armies of the Seven Cities against a combined Thembarian and goblinoid army. Oswar is installed as the first emperor.

92 BR – Lord Haatur of Thembar secretly communicates with Lord Emmil Lant of Keldrin and Lord Turk Achelan of Staling to rise against their emperor. The Imperial civil war ensues. Keldrin and Staling are aided by Thembar against the rest of the empire. Imperial forces were triumphant, and new lords were installed in Keldrin and Staling.

26 BR – Lord Belman of Pegel and King Aurak-Stin of Onar form an alliance and call on the aid of Emperor Eltharin to end the fighting that had broken out amount the feudal lords of the East. The Eastern nobility is devastated during the war, and consequently the Eastern lands come under the control of the Empire.

129 AR – The Plainsmen of the Enwi plains rebel against the empire, but are ultimately defeated.

245 AR – The Empire begins the expand towards the north east

Erevon Empire

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