Humans – very numerous in the Erevon Empire (central to east), Thembarian Empire (southwest), Barbarian Lands (south east) and Frontier (north east)

Dwarves – Main nation under the Blue Mountains, but can be found in most surface communities

Elves – Primarily live in forest of the Qua-rell Penninsula

Halflings – Main nation of Serene in the west

Half-elves – Found in the same areas as humans

Gnomes – Mainly live under Mt Inoram, rarely found in other locations

Half-orcs – Very rare, can be found living among humans or orcs

Orcs – Mainly wander the Great Desert, a sizable community can be found just north of the Qua-rell Penninsula

Goblinoids – Mainly live in the Bandlands. A sizable community can be found in the north east of the Frontier


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