As I walk a hunting

As I walk a-hunting
I look up in a tree
I hear a voice a-calling
It’s calling down to me

I call aloud
He comes to me
He’s rather tall
and looks angry

We talk, we yell
We fight, I bell
He turns, he trips
I jumps, I flips
He stabbed, he missed
I thrust, I twist
As I walk a-hunting
I look around of me
I see a human body
He fell out of a tree

To be a pirate

O to be a pirate
and sail the stormy sea
I come to ports in Aa-yar
and rest at bar with ye
I drink a drink, a fine strong punch
My friends and I get drunk a bunch
We laugh and talk and fight and screw
And we make good friends like you!

DnD People

D twenty rolling,
Dungeon scrum, magic missile,
Cleric, heal thyself.


Eversword echaril SuicideClyde