Thembarian Empire

The Thembarian Empire covers the south/southwest portion of Aa-Yar.

The capital of the Empire is Thembar.

230 BR Lord Damar of Thembar declares himself Emperor and claims dominion of the south-central portion of Aa-Yar. Damar authors The Virtues of Warfare

213 BR Emperor Damar forges an alliance with goblinoids and attacks the Seven Cities. Thembar and the goblins are defeated.

92 BR Emperor Haatur convinces the lords of Keldrin and Staling to join the Thembarians in an attack against the rest of the Erevon Empire. The attack is repulsed, and the battle is taken south, nearly all the way to Thembar. The Thembarian Empire collapses, and the Erevon Empire annexes it’s territories, however the city of Thembar and the Ashen Wood are never occupied.

22 AR Gar, descendent of Damar, discovers The Virtues of Warfare and founds the Brothers of Thembar based on its principles.

58 AR The Brothers of Thembar, under Gar’s son Lowen, reestablish dominance over the area surrounding the Ashen Wood.

173 AR The Brothers of Thembar, led by Kavon, wage a war against forces of the Erevon Empire and regain the old territory of the Thembarian Empire. Kavon is declared Emperor of a new Thembarian Empire.

Thembarian Empire

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