Imldar is a small town straddling the banks of the Kur river. The majority of the town lies along the northern bank, which is along the trade road between Lemosing to the west and Aberconn to the east. The northern side of town has most of the civic facilities and business that cater to the travelers that visit. Many of the residents of the north side make a living as lumberjacks in the Hundel Woods. The south side is primarily home to miners that work in the Farlar Mountains to the south. Some farmers live on the outskirts of the town, both north and south of the river.

About 20 years ago, a cult dedicated to Moricon, the Plague Lord, attempted to seize control of the town, by poisoning residents. The mining population was hit especially hard. Town officials were forced to bring in external help, in the form of soldiers from the Erevon Empire to assist. With the aid of the Imperial soldiers, the cultists were driven out. Though Imldar is not formally part of the empire, a small imperial garrison persists to this day. Townsfolk are divided in their feelings about the garrison, with some grateful for the extra protection and security and others concerned about the external influences and control.

Population around 450

Notable residents

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